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Updated - 03.10.23

Realtor Information

The Huntington Community is governed by two (2) Homeowners Associations.  Residences with Chantilly Terrace street addresses are governed by the Huntington II Homeowners Association while all other street addresses are governed by the Huntington Homeowners Association.

To ensure your inquiry is promptly addressed, please direct your inquiry to the appropriate Homeowners Association.

Huntington HOA


Huntington Map (Map 1, Map 2)

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Huntington ByLaws
          Amendment 1
          Amendment 2
          Amendment 3

Huntington Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Huntington II HOA (Chantilly Terrace only!)


Huntington II Map

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Huntington II ByLaws
          Amendment 1

Huntington II Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
          Amendment 1


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     P.O. Box 621381
     Oviedo, FL  32762-1381

              ©  2023 Huntington II Homeowners Association
              P.O. Box 621567
              Oviedo, FL  32762-1567